Seaport Shipwreck Discovery

Seaport Shipwreck Interactive Museum

Suzanne Cherau, PAL Senior Archaeologist, has been invited to be on Skanska’s Harbor Way Content Advisory Board for the “interactive walking museum” that will be designed for the shipwreck site that PAL investigated last summer in South Boston as part of the Seaport Square Project. 

Skanska has hired Trivium Interactive to lead the design of an augmented reality (AR) exhibit which will sync to a phone application available for download to visitors at a new business-commercial-residential development complex at 101 Seaport Boulevard in South Boston. As a board member Ms. Cherau will be providing content feedback on the project outline, sample scripts for the interactive museum and phone app, and content feedback on the full script.  The board’s goal is to conduct beta testing and have the app ready to launch on International Archaeology Day on October 21, 2017.

See link here for more information via Skanska’s official press release. South Boston: