PAL Documents a Historic Shipwreck in Boston

While driving piles for Skanska USA’s new luxury office building at 121 Seaport Boulevard on the Boston Waterfront, construction workers discovered the remains of a wood ship that had been buried beneath fill for more than 150 years. The unusual find was covered extensively in the press and although Skanska had no legal requirement to do so, halted work to allow time to document the ship before it was covered by concrete for the building’s foundation. PAL archaeologist Jennifer Banister and industrial historian John Daly were part of the team of archaeologists that conducted the documentation. A number of clues to the ship’s origin, including its cargo of lime produced in Maine and personal artifacts such as plates and silverware, were discovered during the examination of the wreck. The hull had extensive fire damage, which may indicate the reason for its sinking. Further research will be conducted and a full report on the findings will be published this summer. For more information regarding this exciting and unusual project, please follow the links below.