90th Regional Readiness Command

PAL conducted historic buildings and archaeological sites information updates, including cultural resources priority projects, for 90th RRC facilities (U.S. Army National Guard) in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. The project encompassed more than 200 facilities total.


The project:

  • is an example of PAL's capabilities for performing large-scale nationwide cultural resource management planning for federal agencies.
  • required research at State Historic Preservation Offices and archaeological site file repositories in each of these states.
  • involved PAL coordinating efforts with state and Native American organizations.


PAL produced user-friendly documents with GIS cultural resources layers for 90th RRC Environmental Headquarters to use in project planning over the five-year period of the plans.

Client Name: 
U.S. Army National Guard
Project Name: 
Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plan Updates for 90th RRC Facilities
Project Date: 
2007 - Present
Project Location: 
Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oaklahoma, and Texas