Bahamas Cultural Resource Surveys

PAL completed several reconnaissance-level archaeological surveys in the Bahamas as part of proposed large-scale development projects. These projects required review by the Antiquities, Monuments, and Museums Corporation (AMMC) of the Bahamas as part of the overall development approval process.

Process & Results

  • In Nassau, PAL consulted with AMMC staff to obtain the required permits and complete primary source research for each island project.
  • In 2005, PAL conducted a survey of 4,000 acres on Mayaguana Island, located at the southeastern edge of the Bahamas chain and home to approximately 400 residents. The project was completed as part of an infrastructures upgrade for a planned large-scale resort development across most of the island and was designed to identify pre-Columbian Lucayan sites and sensitive areas.
  • In 2006, PAL staff completed an archaeological sensitivity assessment for portions of Rose Island, located a short distance from New Providence and Nassau. This project included consultation, a field walkover survey, and the completion of archaeological sensitivity maps.
  • In 2007, PAL completed a sensitivity assessment for a proposed 2,900-acre resort development on Cat Island. The project area has a history of use as an 18th and 19th century British Loyalist sisal and pineapple plantation that relied on a slave labor force.
Client Name: 
ESS Group, Inc.
Project Name: 
Cultural Resources Surveys
Project Date: 
2005 to 2007
Project Location: