J.T. Berry Rehabilitation Center

PAL completed archaeological data recovery programs for five pre-contact Native American sites in North Reading, Massachusetts, in advance of a proposed project that included building a mixed business/residential development on an 87-acre parcel within the former John T. Berry Rehabilitation Center property. 


  • The five locations investigated contained a variety of cultural deposits and depositional integrity indicating a high potential for the sites to contain new classes of data and making them eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.
  • The investigations yielded more than 14,000 Native American pre-contact chipped-stone tools, ground-stone tools and chipping debris, and more than 50 cultural features (fire pits, storage and/or trash pits, and rock clusters).


Results indicated that the J.T. Berry Site was intensively and repeatedly used by Middle and Late Archaic populations (approximately 8,000 to 3,000 years ago) for a variety of domestic and subsistence-related activities, including food procurement/processing and storage/disposal, and stone toolmaking.

The archaeological data was used to explain the depositional history of the sites and to examine patterns of pre-contact settlement and subsistence at regional and sub-regional levels.

Client Name: 
The Lincoln Property Company and The Gutierrez Company
Project Name: 
J.T. Berry Rehabilitation Center
Project Date: 
2005 to 2008
Project Location: 
North Reading, Massachusetts