Route 4 Relocation

The reconstruction of Route 4 in Farmington was a high-priority project to address safety and traffic operations along a highly traveled local street. The cultural resource issues were unique in that the project had the potential to impact archaeological sites, buildings, and outdoor sculptures created by local artisan Frederic Jones. Jones was not only a prolific sculptor but also a capable handyman who assembled a group of buildings on his property that became known locally as Jonesville, a potential Historic District.


  • PAL undertook a multiphase investigation that included archaeological survey and historic structure inventory and documentation. PAL inventoried seven structures and evaluated one structure for its eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. PAL inventoried 70 metal and three granite sculptures. A subsconsultant to PAL evaluated the condition of selected pieces that would require relocation.
  • Archaeological investigations identified a Native American site of potential significance that could have required redesign of the project, resulting in a major delay. PAL worked closely with ConnDOT to come up with a solution that included additional excavation. These excavations were conducted with representatives of local Native American groups and other consulting parties in attendance, enabling open consultation and quick resolution.


PAL’s rapid response and ability to develop flexible field strategies were critical to addressing specific issues and allowing ConnDOT to proceed with Section 106 consultation without any significant delays to the project.

Client Name: 
Connecticut Department of Transportation
Project Name: 
Route 4 Relocation
Project Date: 
2007 to 2008
Project Location: 
Farmington, Connecticut