Southern Rhode Island Transmission

National Grid (NGRID) is making improvements to transmission lines transecting southern sections of Rhode Island. The improvements require United States Army Corps of Engineers permits. 

The transmission line passes through and across ancestral Narragansett Indian Territory and present-day tribal trust properties. Accordingly, compliance with federal legislation and consultation with the Narragansett Indian Tribe is integral to the project.


PAL provided cultural resources management services including archaeological assessment and site examination surveys, and coordinated with federal agencies and the Narragansett Indian Tribe to identify and protect potential historic properties during project-related improvements.


This project is an example of how PAL can orchestrate consultation and coordination between multiple federal (Bureau of Indian Affairs, Army Corps of Engineers), state (State Historic Preservation Office), tribal (Narragansett Indian Tribal Historic Preservation Office) and utility (NGRID/Narragansett Electric) agency representatives and achieve timely, positive outcomes.

Client Name: 
National Grid Service Company (NGRID)
Project Name: 
Southern Rhode Island Transmission
Project Date: 
2006 to 2008
Project Location: 
Rhode Island