Warwick Sewers Projects

Warwick, Rhode Island has committed to large-scale reconstruction of sewer systems in segmented phases. Funded in part by the Environmental Protection Agency, cultural resource management studies are being conducted prior to the new construction.


The Warwick Sewer Authority has contracted with PAL for over 35 surveys since 2001. These projects have demonstrated PAL’s ability to provide excellent and timely services where multiple, diverse audiences are involved. These audiences have included designing engineering firms, municipal offices, the Environmental Protection Agency, the State Historic Preservation Officer, the Narragansett Indian Tribal Historic Preservation Office, Rhode Island Superior Court, and the public.

PAL has been instrumental in insuring the clients’ cultural resources compliance requirements, identifying and taking into consideration complex archaeological and anthropological issues, and facilitating communication among interested and consulting parties.


The results of the surveys in the distinct sewer segments are providing critical planning information and resulting in the identification and documentation of important resources including places of historical significance dating to the time of Native American occupation of western Narragansett Bay and the early Colonial settlement of the city.

Client Name: 
Warwick Sewer Authority and their subcontracted engineering companies
Project Name: 
Warwick Sewers Projects
Project Date: 
2005 to 2009
Project Location: 
Warwick, Rhode Island