CRM at Superfund / Hazardous Waste Sites

PAL has extensive experience in cultural resource investigations at sites where hazardous materials are present.

Nearly all members of our technical staff have completed the OSHA 40-hour hazardous waste operations/emergency response training and retain their certifications through annual refresher courses. The Safety Manager and several supervisors have OSHA eight-hour hazardous waste/emergency response supervisor training for sites that require a specific site safety and health plan. All staff are certified in first aid and adult CPR.

Safety is the number one priority for all PAL investigations. Our Safety Manager monitors the company’s internal Safety and Health Plan, maintains personal protective and safety equipment, and coordinates employee safety training. Strict adherence to all elements of established safety plans is a condition of employment.

Site Safety and Health Plans (SSHPs) are written by the PAL Project Safety Officer with the assistance of a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) or by PAL in conjunction with the project’s remediation firm.

Pittsfield Superfund Site, Pittsfield, MA  2005-2006Vermont Asbestos Mines Group, Eden and Lowell, VTNew Bedford Harbor Superfund Site, New Bedford, MA  2003-2006