"Untold Stories in Preservation"

Massachusetts Historic Preservation Conference 2019. Pal senior staff will be participating in two sessions this year.  2019 MHCP Conference Site

September 20, 2019

Hotel 1620
180 Water Street
Plymouth, MA 02360

Session 1A: Landscape Planning and Preservation – Modern Non-invasive Techniques and Methods

Non-invasive technologies are used to assess, document, and analyze historic landscapes above and below ground. These cutting-edge methods include geophysical surveys (ground-penetrating radar, conductivity, resistance, magnetic gradient, metallic surveys); remote sensing; and 3-D imaging technologies. This panel will showcase properties and discuss specific techniques and how they aid project implementation and inform landscape interpretation and preservation. Case studies include Parker’s Revenge (Lexington), Town Bandstand and Ellis School House (Millis), Franklin Park (Boston), Fort Pickering (Salem), Gore Place (Waltham), and Fowler Clark Epstein Farm (Boston/Mattapan).

Maureen Cavanaugh, PAL Senior Planner, Moderator/Presenter

Session 3B: Archaeology in Plymouth

In the late 1940s, Henry Hornblower II, a summer resident of Plymouth and a self-taught historical archaeologist, introduced the idea for an open-air museum dedicated to telling the story of the Pilgrims through replicas of Pilgrim and Native American dwellings in a village setting. Plimouth Plantation opened its doors in 1955, and since then, our knowledge of the pre-history and post-contact history of Plymouth―Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians alike—has grown considerably, largely due to the efforts of archaeologists, historians, and scholars. This session will discuss the history of the town and the “history of archaeology” as it has been manifested in Plymouth.

Suzanne Cherau, PAL Senior Archaeologist, Moderator/Presenter
Kristen Heitert, PAL Senior Archaeologist, Presenter